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Goa artists we appreciate

Goa trance is a subgenre of trance music which can give you even better and a quite stronger and more intense trance experience than classic trance music. But still people listen to both because it is quite hard to get right into goa trance, without feeling some slower and more natural beats.

The three goa trance albums everyone should listen to and consider going to concerts of their creators and makers are Hallucinogen by Twisted, Etnica by Alien Protein and Astral Projection – Trust in Trance. These albums unite a huge diversity of different styles and tunes and they all can give you the out of boy experience you must have heard about when talking to someone who loves trance music. To learn and hear more about that, feel free to explore this website and read other content about goa trance and trance music in general. One should also, in order to understand and feel trance music and goa trance, look up and listen to Dragonfly presents: A Voyage into Trance mixed by Paul Oakenfold. This is a quite good album with a, so called, general flavor of Goa, but you will know for sure what is meant by that once you get into the trance world.

Although being born in Netherlands, Goa trance and trance music have huge labels all over the world and one of the best are these: In the UK you should consider going on concerts and buying albums of artists that work with Dragonfly, Flying Rhino or Celtic production houses. These labels are quite good and they make amazing goa trance music. In Japan there is the Matsuri Productions that make amazing goa trance music, so make sure to go on their website and check the artist they are working with. Germany, Australian and other countries have also great goa trance lables.

The artists that simply need to be mentioned when talking about trance music and goa trance are Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, the duo Cosmic Gate and many others.

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